There are umpteen number of blogs and articles which tell you what the popular frameworks let you do. But as a business decision maker, you should also simultaneously be aware of the flip-side of this story. After all, you can make a decision on choice of framework/ technology can be made only after considering pros and cons. So, here we are presenting you a series of blogs which discuss the shortcomings of Magento, OS Commerce, Spree, Open cart and other popular frameworks. Currently we will be focusing on the open source frameworks. At a later point we will discuss on the proprietary software.

While most vendors promise that everything can be achieved by using a particular framework, this ‘everything’ is a function of store performance, cost and ease of maintenance. As a business owner all these are big show stoppers and you have every right to be aware of the compromise you are making in each of these areas in trying to over-achieve the framework. It’s true that you can build a secure store on OS commerce. However, it is also true that building the same secure store on Magento will cost less. Its true that you can build the front end for a mobile app, but its also true that this will come with all the limitations on user experience.

At Kuliza, having worked and analyzed on most frameworks, we exactly know what fits your need (and bill!!). So keep reading on our analysis of the shortcomings on the different frameworks.

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