It’s true that there’s nothing constant like change. In the last one year, there has been a terrific 166 % increase in customers using their devices to access information. Booking a movie ticket, knowing the name of that tune, or managing bank accounts; your customers are living in the undeniable transition of accessing information through their mobile devices instead of using their desktops. Today, what the smart devices are doing is creating a paradigm shift or a ‘mobile mind shift’ with regard to instant utility and engagement of online products and services. According to Forrester, a ‘mobile mind shift’ is defined as “the expectation that any desired information or service is available, on any appropriate device, in context, at your moment of need.” Of course, smart devices have created a stir in the market of meeting expectations with its on-the-go accessibility, the convenience of using it

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anytime or anywhere among several others. However all this being said, it would still be wrong for us to assume even, with the enormous popularity of these devices, that smart phones are the sole means of fulfilling expectations. After all, the ‘Mobile Shift’ has little to do with device as much as it actually has to do with the customer. Now the question remains, does your brand have the skill to meet this sudden, but constantly changing mobile shift explosion? We would like to share some ways to strategically identify how brands can keep up with the Mobility Mind Shift boom, deliver utility, and engagement effectively to perpetually connected consumers.

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  • Identify and discover the IMM: IMM stands for the “ideal mobile moment”. What time of the day is your consumer checking their mobile device to engage with your brand? To make this process as quickly and seamless as possibly, it’s integral for you to segment constant consumer needs, the behavior patterns which includes how many devices do they own, how frequently do the access information and engage with brands through devices and diversity of location?
  • Design the mobile Engagement: Understand that not every brand exhibits similar mobility mind shift patterns. Thus, it is extremely important to customize your brand to the requirements of your customers’ needs and utility. Always remember to focus on contextual messages while you use mobile-appropriate call-to-actions. Dwell deep to get a clear understanding to how ‘shifted’ your customers are to enable them to engage with your brand appropriately.
  • Engineering the Right Way: Another integral step for brands is to put in place the appropriate applications and business process and back-end process together. By tying up this whole chain together, you deliver through the mobile device the right kind of engagement and utility and technology to meet the changing expectation of consumers and expectations which is changing very rapidly
  • Analyzing not just behaviours, but also results: Once you think you’ve got your consumer figured out and have all the processes up and running, there’s just one step remaining. A performance metrics to evaluate if your strategy has worked. This is the last, but extremely important step. Check how your app is functioning, customer and experience insights to consistently update customer experience and interaction.

All these being said, I’d also like to add that the change in consumer behavior is different from not just industry or brand but also by country, so it’s highly important that you do a check-list on your market research to understand how these behavior patterns are playing out for your brand. I really do think that consumers are changing rapidly and if you don’t pay too much attention to this trend, chances are that your competitors are going to get a heads-up and move right ahead of you. So, I’d strongly advice you not to wait. Get to the bottom of this Mobile Mind Shift and discover new methods to interact with your consumers. The power is yours!