First World Problems, also known as ‘White Whine’,  are frustrations or complaints that are only experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries. Recently, I happen to observe a few problems that I *whine* about or which are very frequently observed by a John-Doe software developer working in a metro city like Bangalore.


  • Omg! Wifi is down. It’s end of the world. Phew. After one minute, wifi is backup again, and just in time to save me from the imminent apocalypse.
    A business loses an average of $300,000/hr of network downtime. The figure averages production downtimes. Next time wifi is down momentarily, at least, we can take joy in realizing that we aren’t losing that much in comparison.

  • It takes an eternity to reach my office. Today, I got stuck at the same signal for five red lights.
    You’re not alone. 1.8million Britons were reported to be travelling for more than 3hrs daily. According to the data released by Karnataka government, travel time index of Bangalore is 1.69, which is slow, but definitely not the slowest.

  • I don’t get paid enough for this.  Seriously. I solve actual problems through technology. How can they pay me this less?
    The official poverty line in India is Rs 1407 per month for urban areas. It is only just we be compensated according to our ‘merits’ and ‘efforts’. But, take a moment and think about the effort labour and other jobs need and how much they earn in contrast. It may be fair that you’re not happy with your current compensation, but it should never come out as a problem. If you’re unhappy, simply analyze, learn, improve and reach where you want to be, if getting paid is the prime criteria. Count your blessings, out there!
  • I didn’t get enough raise. I’ve worked hard with all the dedication. I’ve been the 10x. I’ve been the wolf. The raise looks like someone’s playing a bad joke on me. The average annual salary raise in the US is around 3%. We’re lucky to be in an era of expanding MNCs and growing startups, realize that whatever raise you are getting is way more than the averages (sometimes even 10x)

  • The cafeteria/mess sucks. People here simply don’t know how to cook. My maggi is better than the lunch here.
    There isn’t much statistical data available, but almost everyone would have heard someone or would himself have complained while eating the food in the cafeteria and throwing away decent amounts of it. On the other side, 194.6 million people in India sleep hungry every day. Acknowledge, If not appreciate, this fact when you eat in the cafe next time. Think twice before whining and wasting food.
  • Earphones got tangled up How am I supposed to work like this every day, when it takes 2 minutes to untangle my earphones. This may seem the most trivial of the problems, but the problem lies in the trivial. Is it really worth getting annoyed and spoiling your mood due to tangled earphones?
  • I’m an impostor I read about the impostor syndrome yesterday. I’m sure I have it. Or wait.. am I just pretending to have it. The imposter syndrome has to have a place here. You may or may not have the impostor syndrome, but there are several other lethal syndromes you don’t have and that’s what’s important.

  • It’s Friday and I have to leave at 5 I wrote my test cases, I passed my reviews. Why would you fail in production today? Why? I had made a habit to cursing the Murphy’s Law. It doesn’t matter how much we plan, the code fails when you least expect it to fail. Blame it on fate, or any supernatural power, unless you have a ChaosMonkey for everything, it’s nearly impossible to avoid such situations. Accept the condition and take them as a challenge. After all, it’s these nerve-wrecking times that gets the true developer out of you.

  • My Lenovo is dead slow. I need a Mac Yes you heard it right. My 3rd gen i5 with 12gb of ram sucks. I cannot work any further unless I get a super-speedy productive shiny MacBook (air).
    First things first, I do not have any vendetta against MacBooks. I see two main reasons here, first is because ‘all the cool programmers have it’. Second is to boost productivity. It could be true that using a Mac can boost your productivity and make things easier, realise that there are a hundred different areas where you can boost your productivity without using a mac.

In general, instead of complaining about such problems every day, take a moment, compare and analyze your thoughts and instead of feeling agitated or irritated, feel grateful that they’re only First world problems and not real problems and sufferings.