Top 10 First World Problems of a Developer (and their counterparts)

Jan 27th, 2016 Technology, Web Kartik Godawat 6 min read

First World Problems, also known as ‘White Whine’,  are frustrations or complaints that are only experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries. Recently, I happen to observe a few problems that I *whine* about or which are very frequently observed by a John-Doe software developer working in a metro city like Bangalore. Only 30Mbps Wifi – That simply isn’t acceptable and combined with a latency of 80ms….

Developer Hacks

Productivity Hacks for Developers

Jun 17th, 2015 Technology, Web Kartik Godawat 6 min read

How to Move on from the Mundane? Based on my experience, I’d like to share a couple of approaches I follow to reduce the time spent on unnecessary tasks. What do I mean by this? Tasks which aren’t related to a project but still consume a significant portion of a developer’s time. Go ahead, use this time to read posts on HN and medium. Create…

child creativity

Why Einstein’s child-like awe is exactly what we need in creativity

Jun 17th, 2015 Culture, Design, Uncategorized Kaushal Sarda 4 min read

There are few things in the world that shape the human experience as profoundly and pervasively as creativity. Creativity drives people in every aspect – be it Science, Technology, Medicine or Business. However, creativity does not dawn upon us one fine morning. It’s a form of self-expression that accompanies us very early on in our lives. A blank sheet of paper decorated with incoherent crayon…

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