From Flipkart’s Pick-up Stores to possible Look-up Stores: An Integrated Approach

Sep 3rd, 2015 Ecommerce, Web Kaushal Sarda 3 min read

When the very first book was sold on Amazon or Flipkart, the term omni-channel hadn’t even been coined yet. E-stores were taking baby steps and the number of channels to reach out to customer were limited. Today however, the situation has taken a paradigm shift. If you’ve watched the movie Minority Report, in one scene Tom Cruise sprints through a futuristic shopping mall. He is…


Omni-channel Commerce 101

Aug 19th, 2015 Ecommerce, Web Subhash Kasturi 2 min read

Recently I met the Head of an e- commerce at a big retail store with pan-India presence. In conversation, he mentioned that his retail chain has already implemented omnichannel commerce. This came as a pleasant surprise, \because I have never read or heard about the store doing it. On deeper inquiry, I found that what he meant as omnichannel commerce is the fulfilment of order from…

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