The 5 types of E-commerce stores: How can you categorize them?

Aug 18th, 2015 Ecommerce, Technology, Uncategorized, Web Subhash Kasturi 6 min read

There are those stores where users purchase products. Then, there are stores where users sell and buy. Further,  there are stores where companies sell and buy. In recent times, I have observed that even the ‘experts’ use e-commerce interchangeably with marketplaces. While I empathize with the context, I find it difficult to digest the ‘ignorance’. For the sake of those of us who are still…


Challenges in Building a B2B Store

Aug 18th, 2015 Ecommerce, Uncategorized, Web Subhash Kasturi 5 min read

B2B businesses have unique challenges when it comes to adding new commerce systems. Often, they have created specialized information technology systems that support their unique business requirements and have endured several waves of technology. In adopting a new practice, it’s necessary to reach a consensus amongst stakeholders which usually generate internal debates, mulling over the incredible number of details that need to be addressed when…

Photo Credit: LWYang

Kuliza connects art & its enthusiasts with E-commerce marketplace

Aug 6th, 2015 Ecommerce, Info-graphics Smriti Kumar 1 min read

There’s always a myth that the process of purchasing art belongs to the luxury segment. Recently, Kuliza assisted an art startup by developing an e-commerce marketplace to break this associated myth, by making art accessible to first time art buyers. In order to translate client requirements to meaningful experiences for artists & art enthusiasts alike, we decided on a user-centric yet scientific design approach based on…

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