Boost Sales this Holiday Season: 5 Ways you can Optimize your E-store

Jan 5th, 2016 Ecommerce, Uncategorized, Web Smriti Kumar 6 min read

So what if the holiday season is almost over? As the month of January trickles ahead, a hoard of shoppers are all geared up and are looking for gifts to celebrate one occasion or the other. Last year e-commerce sales reached a total of $15 B and is expected to hit a growth of over 128% increase in mushrooming e-commerce purchases compared to the previous…


11 ways os Commerce is falling short

Aug 19th, 2015 Ecommerce, Web Subhash Kasturi 1 min read

Last week, we discussed the challenges that comes with e-commerce framework Magento. You can read about it here. This week, we will concentrate on another e-commerce framework – os Commerce. Now, what are some of the challenges that come with it? Theme based. All the different stores look almost same. Custom user experiences cannot be created. Personalized buyer experiences is far-fetched. os Commerce has several…


8 ways e-commerce framework Magento falls short

Aug 19th, 2015 Ecommerce, Web Subhash Kasturi 1 min read

While popular e-commerce frameworks come with a lot of advantages to make our lives easier, it is equally important that you are aware of their challenges. Here, I will be discussing some of the challenges that accompany e-commerce framework Magento: Magento does not have a segregation for the presentation layer. This makes it impossible to create unique user experiences. True, there are some possible themes…


Where do popular e-commerce frameworks fall short?

Aug 19th, 2015 Ecommerce, Web Subhash Kasturi 1 min read

There are umpteen number of blogs and articles which tell you what the popular frameworks let you do. But as a business decision maker, you should also simultaneously be aware of the flip-side of this story. After all, you can make a decision on choice of framework/ technology can be made only after considering pros and cons. So, here we are presenting you a series…

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