I was recently able to check out Startup Framework, a new product created for startups to quickly develop a mobile-friendly, semantically correct, and stylish site.

A few highlights of Startup Framework include:

  • HTML and CSS templates for common UI pieces: headers, footers, content areas
  • HTML and CSS templates for common in-content UIH pieces: pricing blocks, blogs, contacts, project, and about content
  • The HTML and CSS templates are created as Bootstrap themes, so you’re truly getting ready-made web templates
  • An excellent widget styling kit called Flat UI, built on top of Bootstrap, which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the the widgets rich and accessible
  • PSD files for each of the page and content components mentioned above, complete with rulers and detailed layers
  • Custom icon fonts for use within widgets and content
  • LESS-formatted CSS for easy organization and maintenance of CSS code
  • Dozens of ready-made sample sites to draw inspiration from
  • More complete than the free version, with 100 photos, 25 samples, and 14 pictures
  • A manual and instructions to more quickly get you started

Contents and Components Review:  This video details the contents of Startup Framework, where they live and how they are to be used.   http://vimeo.com/81676731   It is hard to find this level of detail in any of the existing startup frameworks, and this detail is what sets Startup Framework apart. Reference Link: http://designmodo.github.io/startup-demo/