Here are some small and big e-commerce sites that provide a pleasant online shopping experience. A good e-commerce site should provide a consistent experience from the very start to the very end, and especially through the checkout process.

1. Sew Sew   What we like:

Sew Sew


  • The simple grid layout and smooth transitions
  • Prices clearly displayed under each item
  • Clear personality to the site
  • Ver consistent design tone across the site

2. Fruute


What we like:

  • Lovely mix of a common grid and large, prominent product images across the site
  • Any item is added to the cart, it appears as the lightbox in the right upper corner, which a great visual reference for a shopper
  • Great way to showcase recipes as per a situation on the home page

3. Big Cartel

Big Cartel

What we like:

  • A shopping experience that focuses on one major product item per page, and nothing else.
  • Purchasing process is only four steps long and all on one page
  • The photography is strong and bold, with rich, earthy colors sure to grab anyone’s attention


So when your getting your e-commerce site designed ensure you focus on creating a nice overall shopping experience and a quick checkout which would mean spending time removing unnecessary checkboxes, add better typography and remove the unnecessary in the checkout.