Real estate companies want their clients to feel at home when touring a potential new home, but it’s hard to get that warm, fuzzy feeling from an empty, sterile space. That’s why Carvalho Hosken, one of the biggest Brazilian construction companies, partnered with Artplan to make the experience more 920-121 personal. By pulling data from a visitor’s Facebook account it was able to feed personal touches into the virtual tour. Potential buyers saw their own photos framed and displayed throughout the house and upcoming events were written on notes and stuck to the refrigerator.


Key Positives of Campaign: The campaign moved beyond the typical tours that realtor provide and created a truly enchanting experience for visitors by feeding data from personal Fb accounts 070-551-VB to the digital outputs installed throughout the showroom. This made them feel right at home and would have tipped many a visitor into deciding to make a purchase ( in this case a very high value transaction)

Campaign Results:

Average visit time increase: 230%
Sales increase: 300%