In a world that thrives on quick-fixes for almost everything, numerous solutions lie scattered across the web on sales prospecting, lead generation and the various channels used these days. Linkedin is one such prevalent tool used by most organizations. Although LinkedIn is one of the best channels with its plethora of organised professional data, the manner in which the data is collated from by individual organizations remains manual and hence time consuming.

We at Kuliza faced a similar  challenge. Our belief in leveraging emerging technologies to solve day to day problems  motivated us to solve this challenge using a similar approach.  Making use of  the spare time and with the help of  our in-house geniuses, special mention to Anjali Tulsyan – a budding binary problem solver, we built a smart tool called Excavator. The tool helps to minimize the time taken at the mouth of sales funnel by automating the data extraction and information collation from Linkedin.

The task, after finding the right POC in an organization, is to feed the data in an excel sheet in an organised manner and maintain records. This laborious manual process of feeding the data is precisely where Excavator comes to our rescue. Here the information fields required by an organization can also be customized.

Excavator, a user friendly and fairly easy tool to operate helps you:

  1. Enable multiple users within an organisation to create separate user accounts and their respective lists.

Excavator 1

2. Each user will have visibility to every other user and their lists but the editing rights can be customised.

Excavator 2

  1. In case of a prospect currently associated with multiple organizations and roles, a particular designation can be chosen from the drop down to be saved in the back end.

Excavator 3

4. Multiple profiles from the same LinkedIn search page can be added without visiting each profile individually.

excavator 4

5. Once added, the message is reflected on top of the tool. It is shown everytime the same profile is visited to avoid duplication.

Excavator 5

6. To restart from where you left your last prospecting session, you can even view the people you added last time.

Excavator 6. png

7. Once complete, you can download the prospects sheet for your further work.

excavator 7

excavator 8

One step automated is time reduced in sales. Here is one more tool in the kitty to automate yet another sales step.

Credit: Anjali Tulsyan – Developer
Photo Credit: Mark Robinson