First of all, thanks IIM Bangalore for hosting us!

Kaushal and I had a really exciting weekend at IIM Bangalore conducting a workshop for the B-School students on ‘How to build winning products’. The whole idea behind the workshop was to help the bright minds understand what goes into building great tech products based on our learnings from helping multiple startups and enterprises. Since many of these students will be interested in becoming tech entrepreneurs and product managers in tech companies, we hope they had a fruitful experience in the workshop.

We divided the workshop into 3 sections, the first focusing on understanding the product management and product building best practices and defining MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) out of their product ideas. The audience were divided into teams of 5 for this and were working on their own product ideas for this. The second section of the workshop focussed on taking those MVPs and convert them into high-level wireframes or prototypes and introduction of design methodologies like UCD. The third section was focussed on product engineering best practices for their ideas.

Overall, we had a great time at IIMB and hope the folks there liked the session too!

Here is the high-level deck we shared for the workshop: