The last week of July kick started with a fun-tastic Hackathon at BMS College of Engineering. Close to ten final presentations were made and there were some awesome display of talent.


Hackathons are a long standing fast paced tradition at Kuliza when students & enthusiasts alike create innovative projects in 48 hours and win an opportunity to work with us at Kuliza.

Here’s a look at what happened this time at the prestigious BMS Institute of Technology:

Mobile Lead Ansu Jain kick started things off Monday morning with a run down of mobile app development trends of this industry. On the same lines, he also spoke about the culture of Hackathons and the need to challenge, innovate and out beat your best.


After the kick off, everybody put on their boots to get set for the challenge. The air resonated with fun, enthusiasm and curiosity.


150 students participated while 90 students took on the challenge of developing native and hybrid apps with a large palette of creativity and a healthy dose of innovation.

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The event turned out to be fantastic with a symbiotic learning and interactive session with the mobile team at Kuliza.


The thinking caps were on and apps ranged from being cafeteria specific, signboard interpretation to an ask/answer anything app specific to colleges, and more.


While it was an all nighter for some, we gathered the next morning for the all awaited presentation. There can never be a dull moment with Hackthons, and this Hackathon proved to be no different.



Kaushal Sarda, CEO at Kuliza, addressed the students to provide them a glimpse of how it will be to work with an upcoming app development organization and what they can expect in the near future of this domain.


Looks like all’s well that ends well. If you want to join us for the next one, we’ll be at Manipal Institute of Technology and RV College of Engineering. If this does not work for you, you can also visit our career’s page.

We believe the more the merrier! See you soon!