E-commerce has taken the world by storm and the Indian audience captivated beyond their imagination. In a fast paced world like today, it is only imperative that brands make themselves visible anytime, anymore.

Keeping this in mind, Kuliza revamped the e-commerce store for Titan and it brands that include Tanishq and Fastrack among others, to give it an elegant new look and convert online site visitors to customers.

To do this, we began by dissecting the site using our five step scientific approach to get to the bottom of this curated design process. This included:

  • Website Review: Look at the current site designs and analytics to understand the pain points
  • Benchmarking: Research the best design practices, trends and inspirations related to the brand
  • Information Architecture: Understand the information flow on the site, number of clicks required to achieve critical destinations and important call to actions
  • Wireframes: To represent the various visual elements on the site
  • Visual Design & UI development: The actual look of the product is finalized. Current trends and styles appealing to target users are considered. Things like typography, contrast, composition, colour and texture are determined

To get a better understanding and a detailed analysis of how we helped Titan revamp their website, take a look at our info-graphic below:

Titan-Casestudy (1)