Ricardo Semler’s message is extremely simple. Give people across the globe the liberty to live the lives they aspire to live. In this video, he introduces inspiring ideas from a very unusual company that ignores standard company rules and practices. Semler believes that questioning assumptions is essential to creating adaptable organizations that can overcome any challenges.

There are no job titles, no organizational charts, and no headquarters. You go to the closest office so you don’t have to waste time travelling. People define their own schedules, and even define their salaries from a number of different compensation options. All financial information and feedback is publicly available. Meetings are voluntary and at board meetings 2 chairs are kept for any employee to join, contribute and vote on a first-come basis. No one is in charge but everyone is responsible.

This might sound like a Utopian dream to some of us. But what I think Semler is trying is to achieve that unique equilibrium state of mind that brings out the right mix of challenges and meaningful work clubbed with exhilarating pursuits. Take a look.