It’s time of the year again.  With the festive season around the corner, consumers don’t mind spending and this creates big opportunities for brands and businesses. However, have you considered these easy, value for money, highly profitable solutions that could paint this holiday season merrier than it already is?

Checkout flow with Social login

When it comes to E-commerce stores, cart abandonment continues to remain a perpetual problem for retailers. One step leads to the next from one page to another. Only this time, it’s cumbersome. Multi-page transactions, no clear call to action leave the customers confused ultimately frustrating them with little or no interest in his purchase.


Make it simple. Forms are cumbersome. Erase them with Social plug-Ins to your rescue. It has been seen that 92% of the shoppers exited an online store because they could not remember their username and password credentials. Give your customers the red carpet experience with smooth transactions where purchase take place with a breeze. A simple one page check out can increase completion rates by over a whopping 250 % and a 22% increase in conversion.

If you’d be interested, Kuliza has just that solution for you. Our single-page, accordion style checkout experience uses the latest in information design to create a frictionless, high performance, customer-centric process across desktops, tablets and mobiles. The implementation process is simple, and we can have you up and running in no time

2) Highlighting consumer Wish lists

We always like an opinion or two. Be it buying a house or preferring a restaurant with lot of customers inside. Now, apply this trend digitally. Today, customers rely heavily on popular trends among friends with respect to purchase decisions and share this on social networks to become influencers themselves.

Titan Wishlist

By throwing the spotlight on their perspectives and encouraging them to create and curate wish lists, they automatically become your brand ambassadors. In return, you can identify key influencers and your incentives to them converts to lifetime value. It’s a win-win situation, try it out!

Our very own client Myntra leverages social curation through Wish Lists to enabled customers share their passions on social media sites while the discovery tool on their site provides inspiration on product selection, facilitating browsing and behaviour as much as discovery and transactions.

3) Guide them with gifts

We’ve all faced dilemmas gifting people. Occasion and Gender preferences, Family and Friend specific gifts among several others. What to buy is always the question. Well, your customers are no different. Analyzing social trends and wish lists, it would be a great idea to guide your customer with their shopping dilemmas. It’s as simple as inviting celebrities to create their gift guides, making it an interactive process with customers voting for the choice of others and using these key spots not just to understand consumer behaviour but also differentiate trends.


Check out how Amazon leveraged this step to make life easier for customers and simultaneously increase sales

4) There’s never too many in a group

Tap into your customer’s social networking by helping them share special occasions with their social graph by allowing friends to chip in for gifts bought as a group, while they shop for their favourite gifts on your online store. Not only do you enhance customer shopping experiences but this step is also a great way to understand current shopping trends among your customers.

Friendfund is one such online store that allows retailers to integrate a payment button
to enable customers create a “Pool” for products, and invite their friends using social network sites and track the gift’s contribution performance on the site. Easy for your customer. Easy for you.

5) What’s trending?

Of course your brand has everything. But, what are other customers looking to buy? As a potential customer, to keep up with the latest trends, I want to know what everybody else is looking at. Not only does this leverage their valuable preferences but it also sub-consciously encourages catalogue explorations. Our client Myntra enables discovery and influences purchase decisions with the help of social sharing behaviours to create a fashion trends page. It worked wonders for them. It could work wonders for you.


This being said, there are always infinite ways you can enhance your customers shopping experience but the foundation is mostly simple. Less is always more. Spread the cheer and may the next year bring you great prosperity! Happy holidays everybody!

This article was originally written by Kaushal Sarda  for Exchange 4 media and was published on 24th December 2014.