Now that you have some idea of what CRO is, let’s dive deeper into how optimization can benefit you and help you boost your website.

Often one of the biggest challenges has little to do with the website itself and more to do with brand support. In the case, the first step would be to identify the biggest optimization challenge without considering CRO. This could include running a survey or collecting feedback from existing customers that explains potential confusion/drawback in your conversion. Another way is to have your website team run small tests to optimize elements that are easier to manage and have less attention paid to them. At the end, you will very easily be able to value CRO and make the most of it.

Now, let’s understand why CRO is so important:

UI/UX Related


1. User

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The color combinations, size and placement of buttons, Text content, images all these affect the buyer psychology. A choice of right color can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a product/service.

2. User Experience: The ease of flow through the different screens (work flow), ability to find the text easily all affect the experience of the buyer.

Technology Related

1. Ease of Search: Ability for the buyer to wade through host of products and categories to figure out the product one is looking for, is a must.

2. Performance Engine: A one sec delay in page load can negatively affect the conversions by 7%. The shopping cart engine should be geared up for high speed performance.

3. Scalability: The store should be able to perform optimally even at peak seasons. Else in these windows of shopping rush, a non-performing store not only loses the sales but also the trust of the buyer affecting future sales.

Content Related


1. Organic Search Content: A properly written content can increase search traffic by 50% and conversion rates by 30%.

2. Recommendation Engine: The underlying technology framework should be able to maximize cross sell and up sell products.

Digital and Social Aspects:


1. Search Visibility: Search (both organic and CPC combined) is the biggest source of traffic brought to any website. So online stores have to evolve a strong strategy.

2. Google Product Listing Ads (PLA): The PLA click through rates (CTRs) are at least 40% higher than the text CTRs and yet at the same time are at least 6% cheaper.

3. Facebook: 61% of companies use social media like Facebook to identify and attract new customers. With an effective social media strategy, you can gain more.

Mobile Related:



1. Mobile Designs: 51% of smart phone users say they would be far more likely to purchase froma retailer or restaurant with a mobile specific site. However only 4.8% of retailers currently have a mobile specific site. Mobile site is a need, but only optimized mobile site can guarantee higher revenues. The mobile design should be small-screen friendly, relevant on data needed, slow-network compatible. The Mobile site should not be just responsive but built with a mobile user in mind.

2. Engagement: A mobile app is a best way to engage with a buyer even when your store is not on top of his mind. Alerts on shipping and delivery, status of wish list inventory sale or availability, discount seasons, up-selling and cross selling opportunities are a wonderful way of engaging with buyers. The mobile app should also double up as a utility app for regular usage.

Personalization and Data Analytics


1. Understanding Customer data: 45% of online shoppers are more likely to shop on a store that offers personalized recommendations. An effective personalization tactic will be to combine customer data and product data and display the most likely products that will be bought. For mobile an effective way to combine the Social Data, Local data and mobile (SoLoMo) data to give more insight to buyers on their devices.

2. Data Analytics: As a store, it is also important to get insight into different patterns that occur in selling process. This can make sales more intelligent giving a leap to revenues.

(Note: Sources of statistics include and )

Thus, CRO is not just about convincing anybody. You are looking for people who will love your product and assist in marketing efforts by spreading the word of how great your brand is. You’re giving your customers what they want sooner before they can look for it somewhere else. Optimization increases the return on your current investment and converting a higher percentage of your existing customers is extremely cost effective while comparing it to attracting new ones. Thus, if you optimize your site to what your customer wants by tweaking it in a slightly better or faster way, even if it’s just a few seconds faster, they are always going to be with you.