Cafe Coffee Day looked to bring their Android coffee experience to iOS. The discovery app was geared to boost loyalty in addition to providing them with customized offers and geo-location maps to all CCD outlets across the globe.


01 Develop an enriching iOS seamless coffee experience
02 Intuitive iOS UX without breaking away from integral Android app features
03 Seamless customer journey to serve both as a discovery and loyalty app


01 Problem: App functionality intuitive to iOS without breaking away from basic Android features
Solution: Prioritize features that need to be retained from existing app in addition to intuitive iOS features

02 Problem: Sleek seamless UX that is simple, yet keeps users engaged with app
Solution: Structured navigation flow with minimal text and prominence to images


The iOS app was developed to catalogue great coffee experiences and provide users with custom offers and trends, access to the menu, loyalty beans or points that can be redeemed on purchases and discover cafe coffee day outlets across the globe.

01 Features:

Discovery: Customers explore new additions to the CCD catalogue and explore all CCD outlets by location across the globe

Loyalty and Rewards: Customers are awarded beans for their loyalty through registration or referrals. These bean points can be redeemed at the CCD outlet as purchases

Customization: A customer receives offers customized offers based on search trend history and discovery patterns


Analytics: Discovery patterns provide information on customer preferences, which in turn helps in providing them with customized offers.

To keep the experience intuitive to iOS, several features exclusive to iOS was developed, retaining key Android features that fit the bill. Some of them include:

General style: Flat design with Google’s material guidelines to create subtle references to the Android experience with the use of shadows and effects

Back button: Back chevron at the left corner of the screen to substitute the defined back button found in Android apps

Global elements: Centre navigation as opposed to left on Android. However, the hamburger menu on the left was retained as is with Android to list out call-to-actions on the left on a drop down menu while the user focuses on the page.

Cards: Cards using depth, transparencies and overlays with gentle and subtle use of shadows

Typography: Helvetica Neue with bold and regular weights and less dramatic variation in sizing

Button Style: Primary buttons fill colour, with secondary buttons reversed out, using a stroke of the same colour

Alerts: Actions separated by dividers. Centre aligned and inherit active colour

02 Integrations:

Google Maps: Geo-locations assist customers to locate CCD outlets across the globe.


• Pre-order and delivery with the option to pay with wallet
• Beacon experience to alert users of currents offers and promotions as they enter the outlet
• Brew and time calculator
• Social plug-ins to share and boost loyalty

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