Finaskus, an automated digital wealth management company, looked to re-imagine how people invested their money. Combining robust technology with time-tested investment principles, they looked to enable the novice investor with a completely paperless, goal based investing app first approach. The Finaskus portfolio was designed for customers achieve optimal returns through risk analysis, diversification, smart rebalancing, and analysis.


  • To build a trusted unbiased automated wealth management app
  • Highly intuitive interface, simplifying complex financial principles
  • Leverage security best practices to protect user information & enable secure transactions
  • Gamification to enable users compare and rebalance portfolio


  • The complex financial app demanded an intuitive user-friendly design without compromising on functionality
    Fix: Split app into relevant categories and utilize line based iconography to enable intuitive experiences
  • The complex financial app demanded an intuitive user-friendly design without compromising on functionality
    Fix: Split app into relevant categories and utilize line based iconography to enable intuitive experiences
  • Handling several formats and computation as part of a finance app
    Fix: Understanding best practices and segregating categories separated by user flows
  • Large volume of data to fit in a mobile app
    Fix:  Intuitive navigation flow where user has completed his investment process in less than 25 clicks
  • Ensuring user security while engaging with the app
    Fix: Encrypting database and building secure with SSLCloud as per industry standards in addition to cloud-based deployment


In building the Android app, the top priority was to automate the entire process of intelligently investing in mutual funds, and bring about an engaging mobile app with a highly intuitive and interactive interface that is easy to understand and navigate.


UX and Design:  

According to a recent data, 40% of consumers moved to another provider if the bank site is not mobile-optimized. FinAskus recognized that the interaction point with customers will occur only through the nature in which users interact with the app.

With respect to the design process, the biggest challenge was to translate financial data to customers in a manner that is useful, relevant and usable. The process was initiated by studying  fintech app best practices across the globe to understand visitor’s expectations, needs, and objections; analyze observations; think about the best solution for the users; then prototype and build.

Benchmarking:It was identified that visually enhanced graphs and charts played a great role in the intuitive and interactive journey of the customer. Studying some of the best Fintech industries across the globe gave us the insight that questionnaires presented in an easily comprehensible manner provided the customer ease throughout his journey while a sufficient customer risk appetite  map could be extracted. Since the app was heavy on form-filling it was important to also ensure a minimal number of steps to ensure faster and to-the-point payments. It was also identified that security and privacy were the single most concern of Fintech app customers.

Visual Design

A delightful experience is provided with one login to access and manage multiple portfolios and intuitive dashboard. Being a completely paperless process, it was integral that the user experiences a seamless journey in order to gauge his interest in the app. It was also essential that the complex data is presented to the customer in a structured manner to facilitate easy interaction without compromising on the functionality of the app.

To ensure security of the app, text and numbers were provided as large points with both passwords and pins. Investors are provided with constant feedback with colors that compliment ease and grace. Having a section that clearly indicates activity and transaction provides a consistent user experience.


Goal-based Investing: Goal-based investing works with managing risks based on individual goals. Aligning goals to investing appetite forms the quintessence of smarter investing.


A unique investment portfolio based on risk analysis is created using advanced technology to the advantage of automated advice. Underpinning each type of goal is a customized stock allocation glide path, which provides an allocation plan based on the time horizon for each goal.

Intelligent and Unbiased: Finaskus is an analytics-driven platform where investment decisions are made using a scientific approach backed by research. Proprietary algorithms taking multiple accounts ( e.g.: risk behaviour, financial goals, performance etc. ) to identify the right basket of funds best suited for an investor.

Define FInancial Goals Assess Risk Profile

Customization: Backed by cutting-edge technology, Finaskus facilitates customized financial plans generated dynamically by an algorithm with minimal human intervention. Once the portfolio is created, the investor can also adjust his investments, if desired, for a more aggressive or conservative profile in any goal type. Data and algorithm being the building blocks of the app rule out the possibility of erroneous recommendations.

Paperless Process: A simple one-time registration requires only a few details to be filled and a picture of the customer’s pancard, bank leaf cheque, and address proof before the account is activated and the investment process can begin. This paper-less process provides an efficient way for customers to complete registration forms, enabling a seamless customer experience while also saving time by reducing waiting time before registration and verification while increasing the efficiency of the app.

Security: Finaskus provides bank-grade security standards for confidentiality of investors. All data communication from client to server occurs over a safe channel the secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol and Extended validation SSL certificate to secure the domain. In addition, the entire database is encrypted and hosted inside the virtual cloud with tightly controlled access.

Track Performance: Portfolios are diversified across multiple asset classes based on the client’s risk profile from conservative to aggressive, with each allocation providing an individual source of risk and return. Details of the portfolio as well the investor’s goals are listed out on the virtual portfolio till such a time when they make actual investments. The virtual portfolio is reset every time the goals or investments are changed. Details of the portfolio are also available on the dashboard to compare, make amends to or analyze. The portfolio then records changes with complete transaction history.

Buils Smart Portfolio Risk Profile Summary

Gamification: Newsfeed, charts, and statistics across users to compare self-portfolio with that of other investors on the platform through the leaderboard. The investor can also view leader profiles and most popular schemes to gain better insights into well-performing portfolios/schemes.

Personalized Home Screen: Personalized dashboard capabilities allow the user curate his home screen and feeds in accordance to his needs and profile. The automated process of intelligent investment comes with a highly intuitive and interactive interface that’s easy to understand and navigate. The investor is able to take complete control of his investment at all times by simply looking at his dashboard. A personal watchlist is provided to monitor and rank funds according to different metrics.

Portfolio Re-balancing:The portfolio is rebalanced dynamically, efficiently and automatically with investment. Every time a divided or money is deposited, we invest it into the part of a portfolio that needs rebalancing. Re-aligning ‘should do’ with ‘do’, rebalancing investments has been automated to make it easier for the customer.

Track Performance Scheme Comparison


Assistance through e-mail is available at all times to ensure that the customer experiences a hassle-free journey throughout his interaction with the app.


Custom alerts and personal notifications based on set market changes.


The ever-growing and fast evolving fintech eco space requires agile products that are customizable and secure. The platform is built to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications

  • Payment Gateway: Billdesk
  • Investor registration –  EipV, EKYC, Aadhaar, ECS, BSE
  • Fund data integrations – Morning Star
  • Analytics – Clevertap

Technology Stack:

Every component of the app is designed to provide a world-class platform. Separating the business logic from the presentation layer improves the speed of the app while providing customizations and the capability to handle advanced UX, integrations, and scale.

The app uses Python Django with Android java at the core with Postgres as a database.

Framework Django
Programming Languages Python
Frontend HTML, CSS, Javascript
Database Postgres
SQL Integrated via Amazon RDS
E-mail Amazon SES
Mobile Android SDK

Front End:

Technology Used

  • JAVA 7 , XML, JSON Android SDK
  • Min SdK Version – 16 (JELLY BEAN)
  • Copiled SDK Version – 23 (Marshmallow)

Major Libraries Used:

  • Design Support Library
  • Twitter Fabric
  • Signature Pad
  • Android MP Chart
  • Clevertap
  • Retrofit
  • Gson

By analyzing the user’s behaviour on the app, selective information can be sent to the user. It was integral to maintain the same look and feel for all devices while a huge amount of runtime calculations were undertaken to provide a seamless experience.


  • Advanced wealth management with multiple accounts
  • Providing money transfer and social networks
  • Omni-channel digital management