The journey of app development has hit a million dollar landmark with infinite potential. We all know the big names. Candycrush, Ola, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among several others. But what are some of the perquisites before creating an app? Sure, you have a great award-winning agency assist you transform your brand take on the mobility shift. But are they asking you the right questions? Here is a list of questions your agency should be asking you. If not, you may want to think long and hard before partaking such an integral endeavor.

General and Business

  • What is the purposeĀ of the mobile app?
  • How does the mobile app add business value to your venture?
  • What utility does the mobile app add to your consumer? (or simply put, why will the consumer download the app?)
  • Who are your target audience?
  • Do you have a clarity on all or some of features of the app? If no, what business challenges do you want to be solved by the app features
  • What kind of external integrations other than CMS are we looking at?
  • What level of Offline availability is required?


  • What mobile OS are your targeting?
  • Are you looking at a native or hybrid mobile app?
  • What will be your competing apps?
  • What are some of the relevant apps that inspire you?
  • Is a separate app for Mobile and Tab needed?
  • What all iOS device support you want ( IPhone 6 is very different from iPhone 5)


  • Do you have a content management system in place? If yes, what CMS are you using currently? If no, do you have any preference to certain CMS
  • What languages do you want the app to support?
  • Do you require push notifications in your app?
  • What will be the typical ratio of video to text/ image based content? That is, will video be the prime mode of content delivery or will images and text be the prime mode of content delivery
  • Do you have any preference to video streaming tools?
  • Do you want live streaming in the mobile app?

Usage and Traffic

  • What is the typical number of active users you are expecting in:
    1 month of app launch
    6 months of app launch
    1 year of app launch
    3 years of app launch
  • What is your app promotion strategy?
  • Are you looking at in-app advertisement integration?
  • If yes, do you have any preference to mobile ad networks?

Social Media

  • What kind of viral features do you want in your app?
  • What social media platforms do you want to be integrated with your app so users can share stories on these networks?
  • Do you want in-story discussions and comments?
  • If yes, do you want your web comments to show in the mobile app too?

If you have any more questions or suggestions that you might want to add, please feel free to comment below. Till then, get answering with appiness!