It’s not exactly a news flash that the mobile technology is redefining the e-commerce space, especially in India. Every nook and corner you look, you hear of ‘going the mobile way’. This encompasses mobile first designs and analytics, only mobile are just a few example of ‘going the mobile way’. However, with everybody jumping on this bandwagon, the scenario only gets fiercely competitive with every passing day. When we think of what competitively refers to here, the first things that would probably come to your mind are making better designs to render on mobile, incorporating a mobile user experience, lesser costs for production, ensuring it caters to all different devices, constant updates to further ensure the user has up to date experiences. But in all honesty, this competition exists any day.

What we really need to look into is the availability of space on your customer’s device. At the end of the day, all devices have limited space. For example, if I were to download apps like Food Panda, Swiggy, Freshmenu to enjoy the experience and convenience of having them at my fingertips, I will still have to dump these very apps to download a Bank app. There is nothing wrong with foodie apps. However, my importance or need is limited. However, the Banking app is a staple application which I use on almost daily basis. Some other staple applications I use are Google Maps, Lumosity, The Hindu, Amazon Kindle, Uber/Ola. Given this shortage of space, there will be a day when I will be forced to uninstall the otherwise occasional apps including Flipkart, although important, falls lower in the priority ladder. The day isn’t far when users will start using your app through aggregating apps and worst case, they stop thinking about you.

So, what’s the solution?
Simple. Your interaction with a customer should not be restricted to a mobile app. You can use the app just as an add-on while retaining your web experience. The Web is where your users build and they start engaging with you. If this experience is good, they will eventually return even after they uninstall the app from his mobile. So, the next time you hear about arguments asking you to go gung-ho on only mobile, surprise the person with a question on how many apps he has on his device.